About Virginia Picker

At Virginia Picker, we buy and sell American history, from its early beginnings right up through the 70’s and 80’s. Seeing items that we remember from our childhood is always fun – owning them is even better! History is fascinating, and there’s history of some sort in just about everything, whether it’s old toys or bicycles, cars and trucks, books and magazines, architectural items and tools, or old bottles and glassware. The list is endless, and we buy and sell items of every description.

How do we find this stuff? Knocking on doors, or cleaning out attics and barns, garages and basements. Many of these items are one-of-a-kind and they’re great gifts for the person who has everything. Look through the site and see what you like. Delivery of any item is available for a fee, and buyer pays costs of shipping any item, in addition to the cost of the item (contact us by phone or email for shipping details). If you have some “old junk” laying around, or some fine collectibles, give us a call. Not sure what to do with all that old stuff you inherited? We can buy it or help you sell it. Email us at info@virginiapicker.com, or you can call or text us at 757-653-4883. Have fun!